How I Build a Deck

This page illustrates just part of the process I go through when building decking projects for my customers. It will give you some idea of how I build the supports to make them strong enough to keep the decking useable for many years.

Preparation of the ground and building a strong support of posts, beams, and joists for decking is most important.

Your decking project gets maximum support at TopDeck UK, with beautiful deck designs to select from, together with advice to suit your home. All decking construction is completed by experienced decking builders to your full satisfaction.



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How I Build Decks & Decking That Will Improve Your Home And Be Virtually Maintenance Free!

First, Assemble the Tools

Many of my treasured deck building secrets are to be found on this page plus photographic links to more details, which show you the detail I go into when building a decking project, and if you prefer, will help you to build your own decking to last for many years.

Once you have approved a final design, if you're building yourself, you must list all the timber, screws, bolts, and other material you will require to build your deck, and place your order with a timber yard. Make sure you deal with a company that is experienced with decking timber, and can provide a 15 - 25 year guarantee.

You can then write down a list of the tools that you are likely to require for building your new deck - and don't forget the heavy duty tools and equipment, if there is some special construction work. You will require at the very least a drill, a cross-cut saw or two, screwdrivers, set square, spades, spirit level, tape measure, and a lot of energy!

Your tools are very important, when building a deck — especially if parts of it are a little complicated — and the more powerful, and the better quality your tools, the easier and better the job. This is why TOPDECK spends tens of thousands of pounds on tools and equipment.



Before the Timber Arrives

You have approved a design, drawn up a list of materials and placed your order, and assembled all the necessary tools and equipment that you will need to build and finish your decking project. However, you can't sit in your armchair waiting for delivery, because you have some work to do in the garden.

You must prepare the decking site ready for construction, and even an old patio or level lawn area is going to require some preparation. After working out the size and orientation of the deck, clear and prepare the site. Hover over the pictures below to see a larger image that will give you much more information on preparing your site.

The better you prepare the ground before commencing the build stage of the decking project, the better and stronger your finished decking. If you want it to last, put the extra effort into preparation.


Building your Deck

Nothing spoils a new deck more than weeds growing through cracks in its boards, so before you start clear all vegetation and turf from the area and spray weed repellent. Next, you must compact and level the ground. To allow for drainage, you can leave a gentle slope towards the outer edge of the deck. Finally, lay a weed-suppressing membrane over the ground.

Hover over each photograph, to see a full-size picture and learn more of the details and special tips in constructing a sound deck. When you build a raised deck or high decking, there are extra building details that you must be aware of, including strong supports.


There are many extra features that you can consider building into your decking, and they not only make it more functional, but enhance the overall appearance.


Ramps, Steps, and Rails

In the pictures below, you can see the construction of a ramp, which is ideal for use with a wheelchair. Click on the picture for more information. Where you need a raised deck — to bring the decking up to the same level as the floor of the house — you can use the space beneath as storage. The steps can also be made to look like an attractive design feature, rather than simply a means of getting down to the garden!



A high deck must have a series of steps protected with solid balustrades and rails, which should also look decorative. In the pictures below, you can see how the rails protect you from falling on the high deck, while their main function on the lower deck to the right is eye-appeal. Click on each of the above pictures, to see a larger image in more detail.



Free DFree decking design without Obligationecking Design

You may have some good ideas what to include in your new decking project, but you're perhaps not too sure how to create a beautiful design. Well, today, you can have a decking design completely free, and without obligation.

Our designer takes into consideration your decking needs and desires, includes those features you like, and sends you a detailed design in a day or two.

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Get a FREE Deck Design and Build Quote, now!You may want your deck building very soon, and with this free service, TopDeck UK will provide you with the best design to suit your home and garden. And in addition—again, obligation free—will quote for the supply and build of your decking.

Material prices can fluctuate considerably, but TopDeck UK orders in bulk to keep prices low, and can keep the quoted price firm for some time. Ask for details.

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Decking Builder's Manual

If you're really keen on building your own decking, please take a look at the Complete Decking Builder's Manual, which shows you exactly how to Design and Build your own Decking Project from start to finish.

You may also be interested in the Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas manual, which goes into detail on 50 Decking Projects I have completed. It is illustrated with Before and After photos of the garden a decking, plus a lot more!

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