How I Design your Deck

This page illustrates just part of the process I go through when I design decking projects for my customers. It will give you an idea of just a few of the important features I have to consider.

To create the perfect decking design for a home, I first consider the main features of the house and garden, looking to see what I will include in the completed decking.

Some features, like trees, rockeries, and ponds can be wrapped around with the decking. This makes an excellent feature and a fine talking point!

Your decking project gets maximum support at TopDeck UK, with beautiful deck designs to select from, together with advice to suit your home. All decking design work is completed by experienced decking designers to your full satisfaction.


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Deck Designs

The Most Important Secret of Decking is to Design a Deck to Enhance the House and Garden!

Take a Walk around the Garden

Deck Design DrawingThe first deck designing job is to take a walk around your garden and assess a number of things while recording your basic requirements for a garden deck. Good deck designers will also be mentally running a slideshow of many hundreds of different decks and decking features through their mind, all the while selecting those that will look good in the garden.

You need to examine carefully all the garden decking photographs on this Website; especially look through the Decking Gallery. Your garden deck must be designed and built to last a considerable time, at least 20 - 25 years, and you don't want something that looks nice for a low cost, but then has to be replaced in a couple of years!

It is easy to build over an old, cracked patio, but perhaps it is better to remove all the paving and use them to build an attractive rockery adjacent to your new decking. When I design decking for my customers, I take dozens of features into consideration, including wind-direction and the position of the sun at various times, before committing a design to paper.



Some Design Features to Consider

The following will give you an idea of points to be considered:

  • Which direction is the prevailing wind, and where are the sunniest parts of the garden.
  • Is the decking site completely level and very solid.
  • What surface will the deck be built on or over: Patio, Grass, Garden...
  • Will the ground require much preparation before building.
  • Where there is a slope, the designer will consider either a deck that is raised at one end, or multi-level decking.
  • Are there garden features like drains, man-hole covers, trees, old wells, that must be incorporated into the design.
  • What steps or stairs will be required - either from the house to the deck, or from the decking to lower decks and/or the garden lawns and paths.
  • What is the optimum width and depth of the main deck - at least one large area is best for most situations, as it provides a good spot for children to play, families to entertain, and visitors to meet.
  • Is a balustrade or designer rails required for either safety or design purposes. Even when there's only one or two steps down to the garden, a decorative balustrade is an excellent design feature.
  • What type of foundation is best for the deck, and if it's a raised or high deck or series of decks, how many supports are required and how will they be secured.
  • Who will be using the deck in the forseeable future, and will they require special features. Young children require play areas and built-in sand pits; young at heart couples require spas, hot-tubs, or quiet areas for rest and meditation; invalides require ramps and slopes instead of steps; and many more similar issues must be considered.
  • The finished decking must enhance the garden features and improve the general appearance of the house.
  • The designer must consider curved decking to break up severe straight lines and to accommodate gardens.
  • You may move home, and your decking must appeal to future buyers and increase the value of your property.

Well, that small selection will give you an idea of the thought processes that our garden decking designer will use when planning your decking requirements. You need to do it well before starting on creating a suitable deck design. Take a look at the photos below, and hover over each one to see a larger image:


The more effort you put into the design of your decking, the better the finished deck will look. If your design also includes strong supporting timber like beams, joists, and posts, then your decking will also last much longer!


Garden Decking Features

There are many interesting decking features, which the modern decking designer can include in your new decking that will considerably improve its appearance. A few of the extra items, which can be considered and included in the design of your garden decking are obvious, but many are unusual and you can read them below:

  • The choice of either plain or ridged decking boards.
  • The selection of either hardwood or softwood decking boards.
  • Will the decking boards be laid all in the one direction, or can an attractive pattern be created?
  • Will the finished deck require protection from the weather, neighbours, or passers-by around the seating and relaxing areas?
  • Will an attractive balustrade improve the appearance, even on a low deck, to create a more 'private' or secluded area in which to relax or entertain?
  • Are deep, wide steps better and more functional than steep, narrow steps to the gardens or a lower deck?
  • Can a deck-extension be created at a higher level to provide views of special features of the garden and surrounding areas?
  • Will the family require a built-in spa or hot-tub in a quiet part of the deck; or a play area and sand pit for youngsters.
  • Will a pergola enhance the decking and create a special area that gives the impression of seclusion - especially when covered with vines and flowering baskets.
  • Will a timber path be needed to provide a walkway from the deck to within the depths of the garden to a gazebo or other feature?

These are just a few of the features and thoughts a designer will consider when drawing the final designs and plans for garden decking. It is always better to make provision for them at the design stage, even if you don't add them to the original deck for a year or two. Otherwise, you are left with extensive re-modeling.




There are many extra features that you can consider building into your decking, and they not only make it more functional, but enhance the overall appearance.


Create a Scale Plan

Once all the previous design features have been considered, approved, or decided upon, you can then draw the scale designs and plans.

IMSI Decking SoftwareHomes & Gardens Decking SoftwareThese will be accurate scale plans of the deck and surrounding areas of the house and garden. Where necessary, as in high decks and multi-level decking, the designer will often create perspective views of the decks from different angles.

They are of great benefit when you start to build your decking. There is computer software you can use to create plans and even provide you with a materials list.

Click on the software images above, for more details.

Once you approve a deck plan or design, you must then prepare a list of materials and tools that are needed for building the deck, together with complete building details. If all this is too much for you, please ask for a detailed personal design and quote for your garden.


Free Decking Design

Free decking design without Obligation

You may have some good ideas what to include in your new decking project, but you're perhaps not too sure how to create a beautiful design. Well, today, you can have a decking design completely free, and without obligation.

Our designer takes into consideration your decking needs and desires, includes those features you like, and sends you a detailed design in a day or two.

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Material prices can fluctuate considerably, but TopDeck UK orders in bulk to keep prices low, and can keep the quoted price firm for some time. Ask for details.

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Decking Builder's Manuals

If you're really keen on building your own decking, please take a look at the Complete Decking Builder's manual, which shows you exactly how to Design and Build your own Decking Project from start to finish.

You may also be interested in the Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas manual, which goes into detail on 50 Decking Projects I have completed. It is illustrated with Before and After photos of the garden a decking, plus a lot more!

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