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Andrew M. Hunt—The Decking Man—has been designing and building decking of all types and size since 1998.

Andrew M. Hunt - The Decking Man

In the past few years, Andrew has written a whole series of decking manuals for both DIY builders and professional builders. They are published by Power Business Publishing.

Even if you're not planning on building your own decking you will find some of the design manuals very useful, because they're packed with photos and ideas on how to design the best deck for various gardens.


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Bestselling Decking Manuals offered by the Author with Massive Discounts for You!

Andrew has convinced Power Business Publishing to allow his customers reduced prices on all his decking manuals. Take advantage of these low prices today, before they're taken offline. Some of the decking manuals are now available on Amazon Kindle, which you can view on any digital device like Desk Top Computer, Notebook, iPad, iPhone etc.


Decking Design Manuals

All these manuals are published and provided by Power Business Publishing. You can order them today and pay with your preferred credit card, by eCheque, or your PayPal account direct to Power Business Publishing. To view a larger image of the manuals, please click on each photo...


The Elements of Great Decking Design"The Elements of Great Decking Design"

You may already have some ideas for your garden decking project or perhaps you want some features included that you saw on a friend's new decking. This is not always a good idea, because what suits one garden may not work in another one.

It is most important to consider all the elements of deck design before you settle on any particular style of deck for your home and garden. This is because once the decking is finished, it can be too costly and inconvenient to change the design, when you find something new you wish to include.

Published Price: £9.95 but with a 60% Discount, Offer Price: £3.99

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Garden Decking Photos, Plans, and Ideas"Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas"

It is always wise to examine in detail a range of different decking projects, before you commit to a specific design for a garden, and the "Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas" manual has 50 decks you can explore today! Experienced builders use this manual as a reference guide, when they are planning a new project.

You will find it invaluable for deciding the best decking design for your home. The large range of BEFORE and AFTER photos and ideas will help you plan a deck around the features of any garden and house. It is essential reading for any decking designer.

Published Price: £19.95 but with a 75% Discount, Offer Price: £4.95



An Introduction to Garden Decking

"An Introduction to Garden Decking"

If you are planning your very first decking project, there is a great deal of basic, but most important information that you need to know. You need to know so much; from learning how long various decking materials will last and their good and bad aspects, to how to select the best features for your home and garden.

The author has been designing and building garden decking for the past dozen years or more, and has worked alongside some of the best experts in the business. You can benefit from his experience with this new eBook, so get your copy today. You will also learn the important legal aspects of building a deck; you don't want to make similar mistakes to Sir Cliff Richards, costing thousands of pounds for simple lack of planning.

Published Price: £9.95 but with a 93% Discount, Offer Price: £0.77

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Deck Building Manuals

These manuals are also published and provided by Power Business Publishing for both the DIY builder planning a very first decking project and the expert builder wishing to learn some of the more intricate details of deck building.

The Complete Decking Builder's Manual"The Complete Decking Builder's Manual"

This is a most important manual, because it shows you exactly how to build your decking project from preparing the site right through every stage until you screw down the last decking board. The manual is upgraded every year, and we have thousands of happy customers worldwide who have used an edition to build their own garden decking, as well as hundreds of expert decking builders who refer to it like a decking bible!

"The Complete Decking Builder's Manual" has 94 photos and 72 drawings and illustrations illustrating the design & build process in full detail! It is a virtual blueprint for building your decking, from the small deck to large split-level projects.

Published Price: £19.95 but with a 75% Discount, Offer Price: £4.95



The Advanced Decking Steps and Stairs Manual"The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual"

Designing and building steps and stairs for decking is a skill that sometimes even leaves experienced carpenters at a loss. This is because with decking you often have to contend with varying garden features and conditions.

This manual to cover the many different types of steps and stairs, and various ways to build them effectively. It includes building ramps, stairs for very high decks, and stairs with platforms. It has 42 photos and 70 drawings & illustrations that illustrate how to create decking steps & stairs. When you build raised or high decks, you must have safe steps and stairs, and even a low deck needs easy access between house and garden.

Published Price: £19.95 but with a 75% Discount, Offer Price: £4.95



How to Build Curved Decking and Round Decks"How to Build Curved Decking & Round Decks"

The final secret is revealed: Exactly how to build round and curved decks to created beautiful decking projects! This 44-page manual contains all the information you need to know in order to create fabulous curved and round decks.

The most important feature is the placement of posts and joists beneath patterned decking boards on round decks - get it wrong, and you're in big trouble. This latest manual from 'The Decking Man' illustrates this in detail with large photos of round decks and their all-important sub-frames for patterned decks. Discover how to put a round pattern of decking boards within a large rectangular deck, and many other features to enable you to create attractive decking nobody else can build!

Published Price: £9.95 but with a 50% Discount, Offer Price: £4.95



Bonus Software

Extra Discount: Purchase the 3 Deck Building manuals ("The Complete Decking Builder's Manual"; "Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual"; and "How to Build Curved Decking & Round Decks") today, and you get Andrew's Decking Calculator Software value £9.95  FREE of charge!

Decking Calculator SoftwareAll you have to do with the Decking Calculator Software is enter all your measurements, timber sizes, etc., into the various fields and press Print to get a printed copy of your material list together with all the costs.

It covers almost any decking project, from single decks to multi-decks, and will save you time and money! Without this software, you can spend 2 or 3 hours and more calculating the number of decking boards you may need, then there's the posts, beams, joists and so on.

With this Decking Calculator software, you simply enter in the size and measurements for your deck - it caters for up to 4 decks, if you want multi-level decking or just 2 decks.

It takes minutes to enter in the sizes, and you then simply press PRINT to get a copy