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Decks by Water!

This riverside decking has patterned decking boards to break up the large area, and wire rails so the views of the river are not blocked.

Timber decking is not only popular around a swimming pool, but is far safer and warmer than concrete or stone patios.

Many people have a decorative fish pond in their garden, and TopDeck UK can design a deck that wraps around or even over the pond. This can provide shelter from the sun for the fish, and great viewing for the family.

Decking by water is very popular, so include it in your design...


Decking Water Features

Decks and decking have always been popular around every type of water feature. The two go naturally together. We can include almost any type of water feature into your deck design.

Whatever shape, size, or design of decking your require, TopDeck UK can provide you with the best design for your home and garden — and best of all, it's FREE.

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