Decking Features you can have in your Design.

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Ask for the feature you feel will enhance your decking project for the the whole family.

Check the photographs in our Decking Gallery, and you will come up with some great ideas.


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TopDeck Decking Services

There are a number of different services you can order from TopDeck and some of them are Free! Take a look at each service in detail, scroll down the page until you find the one you need.

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Free Decking Design

Free decking design without ObligationYou may have some good ideas what to include in your new decking project, but you're perhaps not too sure how to create a beautiful design. Well, today, you can have a decking design completely free, and without obligation.

Our designer takes into consideration your decking needs and desires, includes those features you like, and sends you a detailed design in a day or two.

Free Deck Design info


Free Design & Build Quote

Get a FREE Deck Design and Build Quote, now!You may want your deck building very soon, and with this free service, TopDeck UK will provide you with the best design to suit your home and garden. And in addition—again, obligation free—will quote for the supply and build of your decking.

Material prices can fluctuate considerably, but TopDeck UK orders in bulk to keep prices low, and can keep the quoted price firm for some time. Ask for details.

Design and Build details


Hot-Tubs for Decks

Include a Hot-TubThe inclusion of a hot-tub into your decking design is a feature that not only provides hours of pleasure for the family, but it can increase the value of your home.

I have built numerous decks with hot-tubs, and each one is a different design. With a raised deck, I try to sink the hot-tub as low as possible to bring the top edge just above the level of the decking boards. The important feature that must not be neglected, is providing strong support for the heavy weight of the filled hot-tub.

Hot-Tub and Spa info


Pergolas for Decks

Pergolas for DeckingThe addition of a well-designed pergola is almost a necessary extra for garden decking, because not only does it improve the appearance of the deck, but I can build a clear cover over the top, which lets daylight shine through and keeps the rain from spoiling you meal or entertainment.

You can see examples of the different pergolas on that page, and if you want to have one included in your design, make sure you tick the box!

Pergola Designs


Gazebos for Deck and Garden

Gazebos for DecksA gazebo was a popular feature in Victorian gardens, and in the large gardens of country manor homes in the 20th Century, and with the advent of new designs and low prices, this exciting feature has become popular country-wide.

The gazebo can be a complex structure like the one to the left, with its tiled roof, or you can select a more simple design at a much lower cost. We can design and build a custom gazebo.

Gazebo Designs for Decking


Summerhouse and Garden Office

Summerhouse and Garden OfficeThe summerhouse has seen a revival in the UK, with more people working from home and needing a place where they can work without interruption. You can have a summerhouse of any design, and I will then incorporate it within your decking project.

Sometimes, I can provide a covered walkway from house to garden office, to protect you from the rain and showers. This can be a long, covered pergola with hanging baskets making it a pleasure to go to work each day!

Summerhouse Designs



Check the Wind and Sun...

I check Sun and Wind directionsWhen I design your decking project, I take into consideration all kinds of features that are easy to forget. Making sure the decking is protected from strong winds and inclement weather is something many people forget, ending up with the decking in the wrong place.

The sun is important, because it shines from different angles during the day and over the seasons, and I like to know each customer's preference for either a sunny deck or a shady one, before creating the design for their garden.

Get Your Free Design

No Rubbish Left on Site or in your House!

TopDeck UK leave no Trash!No Muddy Boots in Your HouseWhen TopDeck UK builds your decking, we take off our muddy boots, when invited into your home. When the decking project is completed, we tidy the site and remove all waste material and rubbish created by the build.

Your new deck and garden is ready for use, when we leave.

I can provide you with the best design to suit your home and garden. And in addition—again, obligation free—will quote for the supply and build of your decking.

Design and Build details