Gazebos for your Deck

I have been designing and building decking with a gazebo for many years, because it is a feature that adds tremendous value to any property, while being a most useful place to work, relax, or play.

Click for larger pictureHere is the one I designed and built for a Royal Show at Hampton Court. Click the photo!

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Add some Distinction to your Garden and Create a Stylish Deck with a New Gazebo!

A Garden Decking Gazebo

You can make new decking project the best in the neighbourhood with an attractive gazebo, where you can sit and enjoy the views of your house, garden, and decking.

This is a feature that many people rarely think about, yet it can provide enormous pleasure as well as somewhere to sit when it rains!

A well-designed garden gazebo is a low-cost luxury that can be quickly installed in almost every garden, and it will enhance your deck. They're also a great place for the children to play in when it rains and the grass is wet.

It will provide both beauty and protection, which can improve both the appearance and your enjoyment of your garden decking. In the gazebo samples on this page, you will notice gazebos can enhance an otherwise bare and unprotected garden feature. Note that these gazebos have open sides and are the most common type, because of their low cost, ease of construction, and many different uses. However, do not neglect to consider the gazebo with walls and windows if you need protection from the weather, or even better—upgrade to a new summerhouse!



Gazebo Playhouse

Click for larger pictureThe garden gazebo makes an excellent playhouse for children, as you can see in the photos above and to the right. Click the right-image for a large photo.

This gazebo is actually in two distinct levels, with a play-swing below, a handy ladder for clamber to the top level, which provides excellent views. Kiddies can play a variety of different games every day of the week, when you have a structure like this for them to enjoy.


Band-Box Gazebo

The traditional band-box gazebo is still the most popular design, and you can have a purpose-built one, or order one direct from a supplier. TopDeck UK can give you some names, just fill out the form on our Contact page.

Click for larger pictureClick the image for a large size photo.

The original design for a gazebo was very much like the one you see on the left, octagonal in shape, with tiled roof, sturdy posts and a balustrade that proves handy to lean on.

This style is often seen in parks and along riverbanks, and a small band may come and entertain folks with band-music. Smaller versions are available for your garden - mention it to TopDeck UK, if you want one in your garden.



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