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I believe every decking project should include a well-designed pergola, because of all the benefits they provide — see section on the right — and the vast improvement they make to the appearance of a deck.

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The image above is before the decking and pergola 'design and build' by Topdeck. Take a look at the change once it's built.

There is more information about pergolas for decking, please read the information on the right-hand side of this page.

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Pergolas can Improve your Garden, Decking, or Patio, Yet often Cost very little Money!

Pergola Benefits

Pergolas add grace, style, comfort and architectural character to your home. It can help you create an environment that reflects your own personality and style. You may find yourself entertaining more often under your new pergola, and in many cases the pergola becomes the favourite part of the house.

Your new garden decking is not simply the space between your house and the lawn; it can be a vast outdoor room or even a series of rooms that can be used for a multitude of functions. There are many more benefits you will enjoy. The basic pergola design consists of multiple pillars or posts covered with a layer of lattice-like cross beams: in essence, an outdoor room without walls.

In fact the word itself is derived from Latin meaning "projecting eave." Yet even this most rudimentary definition comes with lots of variation. People find that they are not only a great way to add a stylish focus point to a garden, but it can add a purposeful element to a backyard or rear-garden.

Pergola with Flowers

Roll the mouse over this photo and see the big difference when the wysteria flowers bloom.

This small deck has everything: Pergola, Balustrade and shaped decking to improve the appearance!

Curved pergolas, however, can be quite costly due to the extra labour involved. They are often designed in the shape of an arc and fit nicely along a curved edge to your lawns and gardens.

A free standing pergola gives you the flexibility of being able to cover any area of your garden, patio space, or pool.

A pergola could be built over a deck, patio, or lawn, whatever shape, simply for the purpose of decor and shade. They can be beautiful to look at and may provide comfort on very hot, sunny days. When you attach a pergola to your house, it will lead to the perception that extra space has been added to your home. It can be attached directly onto the side of your house similar to a car-port or porch covering.



Pergolas can also be placed free standing directly next to the house, say, to shade a portion of the walkway up the side of your house or a sunny patio. Pergolas often become interesting architectural elements, which creates some excitement to the total landscape design. When attaching a pergola to a house, certain things must be considered. The height of the pergola must be looked at as compared to window heights.



How to Improve Your Pergola

Click for larger pictureYou don't want the structure to be in the middle of your window. In addition, think about the view looking out from the interior of your house. Viewing the lattice at the top of the pergola may be something that you don't want, yet sometimes this is not considered an obstruction. Once the pergola is placed in the desired area, it can then be beautifully designed with an array of arbour vines, plants and flowers.

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The most commonly used vines are roses and wisteria, which add beauty to any type of pergola design. The lattice design on top of the pergola, as well as the high posts, which are indicative of a pergola, would welcome either of these types of vine. Pergolas are usually made out of wood and you can use different types of timber when building the pergola to make it look unique. Build the support posts out of hardwood and then create the top from pine.

The pergola can be stained or painted in different colours to emphasize the shape and design of the pergola. Planter boxes can be added to any part of the pergola, in order to add interest. A cupola can be placed on top of the pergola for a more country look. Decorative crosses can be put between each support post for a decorative effect. Wooden windows can be hung between the support posts to make it look like an outdoor room.

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Hanging plants can be hung from the top of the pergola, for a more natural look and for coolness. When you have a pergola in your yard it becomes easy to add style, art and structure with different themes during the year. In the cold winter months around Christmas and New Year, you can hang ribbons and lights from the pergola. When having a party, decorate the pergola with fabric. You can consider your pergola is an outdoor room and build shelves or hang mirrors in between some of the posts.



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